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Returning to Our Roots

"The most sustainable food is the food we don't waste."

— Jonathan Bloom

Ingredients That Matter

So often in our day to day, we are rushed through activities from the moment we wake, to the moment we slumber. Our food industry at large is an extension of the incredibly fast pace we've set for ourselves. Here at Osorio Kitchen, we see our relationship with food a bit differently. We take great pride in reconnecting people with the lost art of slowing down.

Savour your day. Savour your loved ones.  Savour your meal.

Osorio launch dinner

Food as Connection

We hope that every experience you share with us is one to be remembered for a lifetime. Stepping into environments that encourage full bodied presence and awareness are tiny acts of revolution. We see our catering events as opportunities to practice this presence through the joy of connecting with our senses. Hearing the fire crackle from our Gaucho Grill, smelling the freshly picked herbs permeate the open air, tasting the brilliance of a freshly harvested wild berry, and listening to the sounds of your loved ones -these are what keep memories alive in our hearts.

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