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Our Story

Our idea was a simple one.

We come from finding  joy in beautiful food.

Growing it, sharing it, preparing it, preserving it, making the most of it. Through our careers, our collective experiences and passions all melded into one ... Idea.

We are community focused.

Determined to elevate and incorporate the bounty of what’s around us in new and exciting ways without losing the integrity of this place we call home.


My name is Noah Palmer.

I grew up in northwestern Montana.

As a kid, I can remember gardening with my parents, pulling potatoes out of the ground, learning about storing and saving seeds and ice fishing.

I remember the first time my father brought home a deer he had hunted, and the reverence and care that was taken to not let anything go to waste.

I refined my cooking skills in Portland, OR and the ski resort towns of Colorado, working in some incredibly fast paced, high intensity kitchens that taught me what truly high quality ingredients looked, smelled, and tasted like, and how to allow them to shine.

Now behind the wheel here at Osorio, I like to think I'm a blend of both of these parts of me --slow-paced, attentive, and careful with the experience and confidence to let my voice speak through the meals I cook. 

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