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Yaki Yaki

Osorio Kitchen's Japanese Inspired Menu

yaki yaki sample platter

焼き (Yaki)

Yaki dervies from the Japanese word, 'to grill'. Our menu selection is an exploration of our chef's take on seasonal Asian inspired skewers. This style of cooking is particularly complimentary to anyone with dietary restrictions (gf & vegan friendly). All our sauces are made in house and our proteins and produce are thoughtfully sourced. 

Appetizers + Beverages

spring roll above


Fresh Spring Rolls [v] [gf]

shredded carrots* | cucumbers* | salad greens* | fresh herbs* | tofu* | sweet potato* / rice noodles* | rice paper wrap 

Rainbow Pickle Plate [v] [gf]

kimchi* | fennel* | beets* | cauliflower* | shiitake* | cucumber*


Sparkling Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

thai pea flower* | sparkling water | yuzu* | lemon* 

Matcha Latte 

ceremonial grade matcha* | oat milk | house lavender*

Salted Lavender Lemonade 

house lavender* | yuzu* | lemon* | sparkling water 


yakitori grill in action




ground free range chicken | ginger* | spices*

Chicken Thigh [gf]

Oyster Mushroom [v][gf]

Japanese Purple Sweet Potato [v][gf]

Shishito Pepper [v][gf]

Marinated Tofu [v][gf]



rice / rice noodes [v][gf]


chili crunch[v][gf] | yuzu coconut[v][gf] |

sriracha mayo[gf][vg]


Assorted Mochi Donuts [vg][gf]

seasonally rotating flavors: matcha | butterfly pea flower | peaches + cream | ginger + cardamom | yuzu + coconut 


Our 2023 Event + Festival Tour:

4/22 - 4/23: Home & Garden Show, Nevada County Fairgrounds, CA

5/24-5/29: Lightening in a Bottle Festival, Buena Vista Lake, CA

7/13-7/16: California Worldfest, Nevada County Fairgrounds, CA

9/30-10/2: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

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